Release Waiver

Welcome! Please e-sign our release form before you arrive at the farm. If you have any questions, please text Kelly at 425-681-2460.

Grateful Pine Farm Rules

All participants and guests to Grateful Pine Farm must understand and agree to abide by the following rules and regulations. If any participants or guests do not comply with these rules, they may be asked to leave.
  • Barn hours are 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. If you need to be on the property outside normal hours, we are happy to accommodate that. Please contact Kelly if necessary.
  • Each person on the property must sign a release. Anyone other than you who will be riding, caring for or visiting your horse on a regular basis should be introduced to STABLE staff so that we know they have your permission to work with your horse.
  • No dogs or other pets allowed on the premises outside of a vehicle, except by prior revocable permission of STABLE in the specified dog areas on the west side of the farm. No pets allowed near barns, pastures, or arenas. $75 fine for each violation.
  • Do not feed, touch or handle anyone else’s horse without their explicit permission.
  • No smoking anywhere on the property. $75 fine for each violation.
  • There is no shooting and absolutely NO guns are allowed on the property, even in vehicles, unless they remain enclosed in a locked container in the vehicle.
  • Protective headgear required by all those under 18 years of age.
  • No riding, mounting or dismounting in barn aisle ways (except Barn A by tack room).
  • Clean up after yourself and your horse in all common areas, including sweeping the crosstie areas and removing your horse’s manure from the arena footing.
  • Keep your tack and equipment tidy in the tack room. Treats must be in sealed containers. Non-mouse-proofed treats will be thrown out.
  • Do not use anyone else’s tack, equipment, supplies or treats without their permission.
  • Park in designated areas only. No trailer parking or long term parking without agreement.
  • Use safe, appropriate and fair horsemanship at all times. If GPF determines that you are behaving unsafely or unjustly to you horse, you can be asked to leave. No tying on the bridle or ground tying. No excessive or prolonged use of force. No leaving your horse unattended in common areas. You must be under control when riding. No riding behind the barns or in turnouts, stay on bridle path and in arenas/trail course.
  • Do not groom, leave your horse tied, or work “at liberty” in the arenas. Please, use round pen. This is to protect and preserve the footing and base.
  • Proper and safe riding attire and equipment is required at all times.
  • C Barn, the pool area, garage, and the main home are private.
  • If there are people riding, please keep lunging or in-hand work brief  (less than 10 min)in the indoor arena and be considerate to other arena users. If weather permits, use the round pen or outdoor arena for lunging unless indoor arena is empty.
  • Do not provide additional feed from STABLE’S feed stores to your horse. Arrange a feed increase with STABLE staff so that inventory can be managed to prevent feed shortages. If traveling, only take the feed your horse will use for the days he will be gone. You may ask STABLE staff to assist you in preparing your horse’s To-Go rations.
  • Do not turn your horse out on grass pastures that are being rested. The grass will die if it is not properly managed. We will indicate when and where grass turnout is available.
  • An orientation must be completed before working with your horse in the Trail Park. Please contact Kelly for a safety walk-through with your horse before entering.
  • Children are welcome! They must be directly supervised at all times for safety and be careful not to spook horses, touch the electric fences, or damage property.
  • Anyone may enjoy the clubhouse, however, it is imperative that it be kept clean and well cared for – including disposing of cups/plates/napkins if you are enjoying our complimentary coffee or snacks. Nobody under the age of 21 is allowed to consume an alcoholic beverage on the property – adults should be safe and courteous and not overindulge or leave alcoholic beverage unattended. Be careful not to spook horses that are riding in the indoor arena because they can see you through the windows.
  • Anyone who breaks or defaces any part of the property will be required to pay the full cost of repair by our designated contractor. This includes guests of boarders and it is the boarders’ responsibility to enforce this.


If you are hauling in to GPF to use the trail park or arenas, please understand that you do so under the terms of the following guidelines. Any participant may be asked to leave or asked not to return if we feel the participant is not participating in accordance with our guidelines and rules.

All haul-ins must have a current haul-in membership in good standing. No per diem haul-ins or haul-ins without membership will be permitted.

  • Haul-ins must be in a lesson or assisted by a GPF trainer.
  • No unsupervised haul-ins are allowed unless by special permission.
  • Haul-in members are permitted to use the trail park, bridle path, round pen, and indoor or outdoor arenas.
  • Haul-in members may also use the cross ties and wash racks in A barn.
  • No stall or turnout use is permitted.
  • Please only ride on designated paths, arenas, or areas.


  • Do not take or use any bedding or feed. Feel free to help yourself to coffee, tea, or cocoa from the Keurig.
  • Clean up manure, hair, and hay around your trailer and grooming area before you leave, as well as picking up any manure in the arena footing or trail park.
  • Please don’t park your trailer directly in front of the barn or arena entrance. You may park on the other side of the parking lot by the horse trailers or in the field.

  • No dogs are allowed near the arena, trail park or barn. Dogs must stay in your car, unless by prior permission by GPF in the specified dog walking areas only.
  • No teaching/training, taking lessons from an outside trainer, or engaging in any commercial activities on the property without prior signed agreement with GPF and proof of insurance.


  • Please be considerate to boarders and other participants and respect all signage, closures and requests by staff or trainers.
  • Helmets recommended for all ages. Safe tack and attire required.
  • Leg protection recommended for horses in the trail park.
  • Loaner boots available – just ask.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Munro at 425-681-2460 or email her at Thank you!