We have show photos!

I'm excited to announce that the talented Jessica Farren will be doing show photography this year! Sign up on her website if you would like to have your rides photographed.

More entries needed!

USAWE Zone Championships

Western Zone Championships are in MT at the Big Sky Horse Park Oct 4th-8th. They need entries this year! Consider signing up! You can earn both qualifying scores at this show or you can enter their open show. Check it out!

Text Us at 206-202-8488

This is the show text number and it will reach show staff only. You will be receiving broadcast messages from this number about the show during the event. You can reach us here with any questions or reply to any message, but PLEASE SIGN YOUR NAME on your texts because it doesn't tell us who you are even if your number is in our phones. We can not receive calls on this number, we will text reply or call back from our personal cells.

Tear Down Party!

We will be having a tear down party on Saturday night, so please plan on joining us at 5-6 PM on Saturday to help get the arenas cleaned up. There will be libations and music!

Awards on Sunday Morning

Overall awards will be given on Sunday morning before the cattle trial. You can pick up your individual phase ribbons in the office each day.

Sponsorship Packages Available!

  • Location

    Washington State Horse Park
    1202 Douglas Munro Blvd
    Cle Elum, WA 98922

    Show Staff: 206-202-8488
    (text only)

  • Dates

    Sept 15th - 17th, 2023

    Registration Opens: July 15th

    Registration Closes: August 15th

  • Officials

    Judge: Cari Schwartz & Tracey Erway

    TD: Mary Duffy

    Show Manager: Kelly Munro

    Show Secretary: Heidi Howard

  • Licenced by USAWE

    Two Region 1 USAWE licensed shows in one weekend!

    Show #1 (23-072), Show #2 (23-073)

Fall Fiesta Show Prize List


Licensed by USA Working Equitation (USAWE)
License Numbers: Show #1 (23-072), Show #2 (23-073)

Show Information

Our second annual large WE show is a fun end-of-summer event for both seasoned and new WE enthusiasts at the fabulous Washington State Horse Park in Cle Elum! This year we are running a double-show weekend with the option to enter both shows for two sets of scores! We have two judges this year to try to make the days shorter. In addition to the licensed cattle trial, we will have a cattle clinic Sunday morning.

Two Licensed WE Shows Friday & Saturday, Sept 15-16th

Cari Schwartz (R) OR
Tracey Erway (r) OR

Two one-day licensed shows will give you more options to earn points with just one weekend of travel! Choose to enter the Friday show, the Saturday show, or both! *Please note the previous years’ discounts for L1 and double entries have now just been given to all participants, the discount is applied to all entry fees already.

Awards for both shows will be presented on Sunday morning.

USAWE Licensed Cattle Trials and Cattle Trial Practice, Sept 17th

Sunday Morning starting at 9am: USAWE Licensed Cattle Trials

We are excited to offer the opportunity to ride in a WE Cattle Trial!

The cattle phase is optional for all levels at this show, and it is being scored individually rather than in teams. NOTE: Cattle teams will be assigned randomly or equitably before the show and posted with the stabling details so that you can coordinate with your team mates before the trial begins to develop your strategy.

Since we have two rated shows, we will have two back-to-back cattle trials! To enter the cattle trials, simply select Cattle Add On on your entry form. Only L2 and higher are eligible to compete in the cattle trial - sorry L1 riders! Please Note: If you sign up for the cattle trial without being eligible (L1 competitors are not eligible) your cattle trial free will be accepted as a sponsorship, not refunded!

All teams must be present at the start of the cattle trial for the introduction and safety talk. Please find your teammates in the warm up and be ready to ride.

Sunday Afternoon: Cattle Trial Practice


After the cattle trial on Sunday (with a break in between) we will be offering cattle trial practice! This will be moderated but not instructed or scored. You may form your own teams and each time will have a go just like in an official cattle trial. Teams may go multiple times once everyone has had a chance to go once.

The cattle trial practice is only for those registered in the actual cattle trial and will be run as an actual cattle trial, not an intro clinic or free-time with the cows. It is optional!


Show Staff

Show run by Grateful Pine Farm of Snohomish, WA. 
Hosted at the Washington State Horse Park in Cle Elum, WA.

Show updates will be sent to all participants from our farm text number: 

(206) 202-8488

If you’d like, you can put this number in your phone as Grateful Pine Farm. You may reply to texts from this number, and it will go directly to the show manager, but there is no caller ID, so you must include your name in your message so that I know who you are. This is only a text number and can not accept calls. If you need to get in touch with someone more quickly at the show, call the show secretary Heidi Howard at (206) 683-7399.

Show Manager


Show Secretary

Name: Kelly Munro

(425) 681-2460


Washington State Horse Park

(877) 635-4111

Name: Heidi Howard

(206) 683-7399



Cari Schwartz (R) & 

Tracey Erway (r)

Technical Delegate

Mary Duffy

(209) 480-3555

Safety Coordinator

Kelly Munro


Mike Gunnels



Emergency Personnel


Competition Requirements

This show will be conducted and judged in accordance with the 2023 United States Rules for Working Equitation and 2023 USAWE dressage tests. The rules and tests can be found at the following site: https://usawe.org/rules. It is the competitor’s responsibility to read and understand the rules prior to the competition.

All competitors holding a membership with USAWE may compete. Non-members are allowed to compete in B-rated shows for a $20 non-member fee.

Competitors interested in being eligible for lifetime medal awards and year-end awards must be USAWE members. Please note that our show highly encourages membership. It’s not expensive, and it’s a great organization!

Membership application: https://usawe.org/membership/:

All competing horses must be recorded with USAWE in advance of the show. A one-time fee of $20 per horse includes lifetime performance tracking.

Horse recording form: https://usawe.org/membership/:

A single horse and rider team can show in only one level. A horse may be entered twice in a competition if ridden by two different riders and at different levels. Exception: Two youth riders can share the same horse if competing in Level 1. See Rulebook, Section 1.7.

Riders must be correctly attired and horses properly presented in accordance with the U.S. Rules for Working Equitation. Show Management may, at its discretion, bar any person or horse from entering the arena if not suitably presented.

Class List


Rider Division(s)


L1 – Introductory

Youth, Amateur,



Ease of


L2 – Novice A

Youth, Amateur,



Ease of




L3 – Novice B

Youth, Amateur,



Ease of




L4 – Intermediate A




Ease of




L5 – Intermediate B




Ease of




L6 – Advanced




Ease of




L7 – Masters




Ease of




All riders are required to be current USAWE members or have a one-time voucher. Your points will be recorded with USAWE. Classes will be placed, and ribbons will be awarded by level and division. Rider divisions will be used for USAWE points and Special Awards, if possible.

  • The order of go for each trial will be posted no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the trial. Please note, any listed ride times are approximate, you will be expected to enter the show ring immediately after the rider ahead of you on the schedule finishes.
  • Course maps for EOH and Speed will be posted no later than 2 hours prior to the start of each trial.
  • Cattle Teams will be posted with the stabling information prior to the show.

Entry Procedures

  • A separate entry form must be completed for each horse-rider combination. The entry form is e-sign and must be completed online.
  • An entry form is not valid unless it is fully completed and has all the proper signatures, membership numbers, and horse information. An adult must sign for any junior rider.
  • ‌Do not print and mail the entry form, only the official e-sign form will be accepted.
  • Entries will only be accepted after the closing date if the show is not full by permission of show management. Entries will close when the show fills, even if that is prior to the closing date.
  • Youth exhibitors must be 17 or under at any time during the current year. Youth exhibitors must indicate their date of birth on the entry form.
  • Those traveling over state lines should provide a copy of applicable health paperwork to the show secretary upon arriving.
  • Horses must be deemed healthy and free of exposure to infectious diseases before arriving at the venue. Your care in this matter is very much appreciated. We are happy to work with you on a full or partial refund if you have to scratch due to biosecurity concerns for your horse.

Show Fees



Entry Fee 

$175 per show. $350 for both shows.

Office Fee

(USAWE Recording Fee included)


Stabling & Park Fees

Stalls - $115 for the weekend, comes with one bag of bedding, no per diem stabling or day stalls, arrange with horse park if needed.

Tack Stall - $90 (includes one bag of bedding)

Extra Shavings - $12/bag (pre-order*) $14/bag if bought during the show

*please pre-order your bedding if possible so that we don't have to get it for you during the show!

RV Camping - $45/day

Dry Camping - $10/adult

Non-Member Fee

*unless using voucher


Cattle Trial Upgrade (Sunday)

$100/participant (includes cattle trial practice session following the licensed cattle trial)

Please note: L1/Intro are not eligible for the cattle trial. If you are an L1 competitor and you sign up for the cattle trial, your fee will be accepted as a sponsorship, NOT REFUNDED.




Payment Policy

  • Payment can be made securely online via the entry form.
  • No refunds after the closing date. Until the closing date, refunds may be made on entries minus the office fee. Refunds will be granted at the sole discretion of show management.
  • No entry may show unless it is paid in full.
  • Stabling and camping fees for the show are arranged on your entry form. Additional camping or stabling can be purchased directly from the Horse Park, but may be in a different location than the show’s accommodations.


  • Ribbons – for each phase, level, and division
  • Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons for overall in each level and division
  • Prizes or Ribbons for Cattle Trial Placings
  • Additional recognition and prizes as available for breed, high-point, etc.

Prize quantity and coolness will be dependent on the availability of sponsorships! Please support the show if you can and help send our competitors home with great prizes!

Venue and Arena Details

Washington State Horse Park

1202 Douglas Munro Blvd. Cle Elum, WA 98922   877-635-4111
Mailing: PO Box 278 Cle Elum, WA 98922

Area Information: https://www.wahorsepark.org/p/getconnected/area-information

  • Main arena:

‌‌Cattle Events will take place in Arena 3

Dressage Classes will be held in Arena 1 West

Ease of Handling and Speed will be held in the Covered Arena

**subject to change if needed to accommodate the final schedule.

Please note: The Covered Arena will be closed to all riders Thursday and Sunday for setup and tear down. We would love help with these! For good karma, check in with the ring crew to help with setup and teardown.

  • Warm-up Arena:

Warm-up area is provided in Arena 1 East (between the Dressage and Covered)

Lunging pads are available near stabling. No lunging in arenas, please.

Stabling Details

Stabling and camping ARE being arranged by the show this year. Sign up and pay for stabling and camping on your entry form. Please let us know in the notes if you have camping and/or stabling preferences, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Bedding should be pre-ordered on your entry form. You can purchase bedding during the show, but we highly encourage you to pre-order to make it easier on show staff during the event.

Please note, the cleaning fee is included in your stabling fee, so you do not need to strip your stall before leaving.

If you are planning to arrive earlier, leave later, or use the facilities on days other than or outside of the clinics and shows offered at our event, please purchase stabling and day-use fees for those needs here: https://washington-state-horse-park.myshopify.com/collections/pay-day-use-fees

An overview of the park’s facilities can be found here: https://www.wahorsepark.org/p/getconnected/facility

WSHP 2023 Rules and Regulations

The Washington State Horse Park Authority strives to operate the Horse Park in a safe, sustainable manner; to provide a healthy environment for recreation and enjoyment, and to preserve the natural beauty of the setting to the fullest extent possible.


1) Obey all permanent and temporary signs posted by the Horse Park.
2) All animals entering the property are expected to have up-to-date vaccinations to minimize the risks of spreading or contracting communicable diseases. Refer to the vaccine guidelines from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).
3) Prior to unloading, visitors bringing a horse onto the property are to immediately register using the master registration form either at the Visitors Registration kiosk or on line at wahorsepark.org which includes signing the liability release and paying relevant fees.
4) Keep all vehicle wheels on gravel; do not park on grass or in woods.
5) Be aware that wildlife may be present in and around the Park: be prepared for sudden interactions, keep dogs on leash, carry your cell phone, etc.
6) Dogs must be on leash and under control at all times to protect people, horses and other animals; in addition, barking, aggression and destructive behavior of dogs is not allowed.
7) Serious fire hazards!!
a. Only propane-fueled fires are allowed at any time, and only on gravel or bare dirt surfaces at least 8 feet from the nearest vegetation in RV and parking areas. No charcoal, wood or other cinder- producing fire materials allowed at any time.
b. No smoking near vegetation of any kind, near stalls, arenas, or in any building. All smoking material is to be fully extinguished and disposed in nonflammable containers, not in trash cans.
8) Any person riding or driving a horse should wear protective head gear. Any adult choosing not to do so, or parent of a child who allows their child to ride/drive without protective head gear, assumes all risks which may result from their decision, including injury or death.
9) Anyone jumping obstacles is required to wear protective headgear and shoes with a heel; those jumping outside of an arena must wear a safety vest. Anyone jumping any man-made cross-country obstacle must be supervised by a professional trainer with proper insurance certificates (see cross country procedures at registration kiosk or on the Park’s website).
10) Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited while mounted, and no one impaired by any substance will be permitted to ride or be present around stabling, competition or recreational areas.
11) Do not alter arena footing or any property without express permission from Park management.


12) No horses in RV spaces #2-15 or in wooded tent camping area
13) No tying to arena fences, trees or other structures
14) Horses may not be tied to trailers unattended.
15) All horses on the property overnight must be kept in a stall (one horse per stall) with bedding and water.
16) Turn out/free lunging is not allowed in arenas; please use the round pen or lunge pads
17) Lunge in designated areas only; no lunging or circling in arenas without prior approval of Park management


18) Stay on designated pathways and trails; do not forge new paths or disturb vegetation that comprise the Horse Park’s fragile woodland ecosystem.
19) No motorized vehicles or horse-drawn carriages on trails, including dirt roads, except as authorized by Park management.
20) Be aware that wildlife may be present in and around the Park: be prepared for sudden interactions, keep dogs on leash, carry your cell phone on trails, etc.
21) Although not required, it’s a good idea to take a powered-up cell phone with you on the trails.


22) All vehicles (including cars, trucks, trailers, vans, motor homes, RVs and golf carts) must be parked in designated areas and not on or in vegetation.
23) Any vehicle parked in numbered RV spaces supplied with utility services is required to pay for a hook-up space, whether plugged into utilities or not.
24) Only licensed persons may operate a motorized vehicle on Horse Park grounds; no children driving ATV’s, scooters, etc.


25) All users of the Horse Park and its facilities understand and acknowledge being informed that the Horse Park will comply with all regulations regarding COVID-19 and any other serious communicable diseases imposed by the State of Washington Department of Health and/or the Kittitas County Department of Health.
26) Call 911 immediately in the event of an emergency. Other emergency contact information may be posted at/near the Office.
27) The Horse Park must be made aware of any accident or injury requiring emergency medical treatment as soon as practical after qualified medical assistance is contacted.
28) Obey any directives pursuant to an Emergency Evacuation or Containment Plan, or Bio Security Plan, as directed by Park management and local officials.
29) The Horse Park reserves the right to establish areas where alcohol and other mind-altering substances may and may not be consumed, and the right to remove from the Horse Park any visitor if, in the sole judgment of the Horse Park, the individual is unable or unwilling to follow the rules and regulations
established by the Horse Park and/or creates a disturbance or unsafe circumstances for themselves, other visitors and/or their horses.
30) If hazardous conditions occur, (e.g., lightning, heavy rain, ice, heavy wind, etc.) Horse Park has the right to postpone or cancel any activity or event.
31) Horse Park reserves the right to require immediate removal of a horse to an isolated location at owner’s expense if a horse is deemed by a licensed veterinarian to have, or be a carrier of, an infectious disease.
32) Horse Park may remove dangerous, disruptive or unlawful persons from Horse Park property or vehicles improperly parked, request the assistance of law enforcement officers in removal of such persons or vehicles and to resolve other problematic situations, and request the assistance of emergency medical
personnel, veterinarians or law enforcement officers to address any issues that come to the attention of the Horse Park.

The Horse Park will take whatever action is necessary to enforce these Rules and Regulations, which may include towing of offending vehicle(s), fines and/or restrictions on future use of the Horse Park.

The Washington State Equine Limitation of Liability Act, RCW4.24, applies to all horse- related activities associated with the Horse Park. Horses by their very nature present a risk of injury, harm or death. Riders represent that they are qualified to participate in the activities and at the levels they elect. All horses on the property participate entirely at the owner’s and rider’s risk and are in their care and custody while at the Park, including transportation in case of an emergency. The owner/rider is personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by themselves or their horse.

*Please review the WSHP website for up-to-date information, rules, and regulations: https://www.wahorsepark.org

Bio-Security Agreement and Policies

Entry to our shows is limited to healthy horses only. We may prohibit the entry of horses displaying obvious clinical signs of disease, such as copious nasal discharge, persistent, frequent coughing, or neurologic signs, such as ataxia or marked hind limb weakness (wobbly gait). By bringing your horse(s) to the show, you are attesting that the horse(s) arriving at the venue have been healthy with no clinical signs of a contagious disease or body temperature(s) above 102°F for the preceding seven (7) days.

Please observe the following guidelines while at the show to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases!

👩 Humans

  • Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.
  • Cover coughs or sneezes - ideally with a tissue, followed by hand washing.
  • If you have any disease symptoms, please stay home and feel better!

🐴 Horses

  • No touching or hand-feeding any horse that is not your own.
  • Prevent your horse from having any direct contact with other horses (i.e., avoid letting horses touch noses as this is a significant transmission route).
  • Do not dip hoses into water buckets when filling. Hold the hose above the water line or provide your own hose, which you do not leave unattended or attached to the spigot.
  • Do not use communal water troughs.
  • Do not share stable equipment with other horse show attendees (including but not limited to water buckets, wheelbarrows, and pitchforks/muck rakes).
  • Only share tack and equipment if adequately cleaned and disinfected first.

While on the showgrounds, monitor your horse for clinical signs (coughing, runny nose or eyes, off feed, quiet attitude, diarrhea, etc.) and immediately contact the show office if your horse seems sick. Keep your horse in its stall and limit contact until an isolation plan is made/implemented.

Volunteer Positions

We are looking to cover the following volunteer positions at the show! Please email kelly@gratefulpinefarm.com if you or anyone you know is interested in helping out!

  • Scribe/Backup Scribe (full-day position, scribing or competitor experience preferred)
  • Paddock and Gate Steward Helpers (supports entry and exit to the warmup and competition rings)
  • Ring Crew (resetting obstacles during competition)
  • Runners (bring the tests from the scribe back to the office for scoring)
  • Setup and Tear down (obstacles and dressage ring, Thursday and Sunday)
  • Cattle Trial Flagger (lowers a flag when the cow enters the pen, Sunday)

Drop-in and floating volunteers welcome too! Check-in with the show secretary at the show office during the event.


In order to continue running these shows, we need more sponsors! Even a small sponsorship helps. Please consider the following sponsorship options as an addition to your entry or perhaps you can refer a sponsor to our show.

GOLD LEVEL Arena Sponsor: $1000

Our highest sponsorship! Contributes significantly to the arena rental cost. Includes hanging a banner on the arena if desired. 


Ribbon Sponsor: $300 (need 4)

Help cover the cost of ribbons. They are pricey, but they are worth it! We always try to spend a little extra to get stunning ribbons that make the competitors' efforts seem well rewarded!

Prize Sponsor: $150 (need 6)

We would love to buy cool prizes to go along with the ribbons and reward top performers and special categories!


Hospitality Sponsor: $50 (need 6)

Help cover the costs of taking great care of our show officials and volunteers. We are so grateful to have them! They work hard and we want to treat them right!

Sponsor a Cow! $50/cow (pick your sponsored cow!)

Hay and diesel prices have been driving cattle rental fees up! If you sponsor a cow, you can give it a silly or dignified name to be read out loud at the cattle trial!

Perks of sponsorship include recognition on our show banner and webpage, special mention in emails to participants and social media, and knowing that you’re supporting the growth of Working Equitation in our community!! ♥️