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Show Complete!

Thank you all for a wonderful 2023 Awesome Blossom! Please consider joining us for our Fall Fiesta at the Washington State Horse Park Sept 15-17th, 2023.
  • Location

    Appleatchee Riders
    1130 Circle St
    Wenatchee, WA 98801

    Show Staff: 206-202-8488
    (text only)

  • Dates

    May 12th - 14th, 2023

    Registration Opens: March 15th

    Registration Closes: April 15th

  • Officials

    Judge: Nicole Chastain-Price

    TD: Mary Duffy

    Show Manager: Kelly Munro

    Show Secretary: Heidi Howard

  • Licenced by USAWE

    Two Region 1 USAWE licensed shows in one weekend!

    Show #1 (23-070), Show #2 (23-071)

Thank you to our show sponsors!

Awesome Blossom Show Prize List

Join us for our Spring event in Wenatchee, WA with Senior (S) judge Nicole Chastain-Price! This event will feature two USAWE-licensed shows, both with optional cattle trials.

Optionally, after the 3 Phases and schooling rounds, you may participate in an official USAWE cattle trial (L2 and up only).

A schooling show class is available for L1 and L2 only. Schooling show participants may not also participate in the licensed show and are not required to have USAWE membership. Licensed show participants may not participate in the schooling classes.

The show grounds at the Appleatchee Riders Association are sunny and park-like with comfortable stabling and camping available on site. We will be showing outdoors in their lower “roping” arena. Weather in Wenatchee is typically in the 60s-70s in May with over 300 days of sunshine a year!

Show Schedule

– Preliminary Schedule Subject to Change –

Arrival and check-in Thursday from 2 pm - 8 pm. Warmup arena is open for schooling as marked. 

**IMPORTANT** Schooling on obstacles or showing obstacles to horses is not allowed prior to the show. Please follow marked signs to the proper schooling location and avoid any show obstacles that may be awaiting setup in the show arena. Obstacles in the designated warmup arena are available for you to school on.

Friday: 7am - 6:30pm Licensed Show #1

Saturday: 7am - 5:15pm Licensed Show #2, 5:30pm - 7:30pm Schooling Show Arena Familiarization (schooling show participants can practice in the show ring with the obstacles)

Sunday: first thing in the morning: schooling show, lunchtime: kids lead line on obstacle course (provide your own horse and adult)

Sunday: late afternoon: cattle trials starting with cattle trial orientation meeting

Saturday & Sunday, lunchtime: awards for all shows!

Departure Sunday or Monday morning (please let us know if you are planning to stay overnight and travel home Monday morning).

Show Staff

Show run by Grateful Pine Farm of Snohomish, WA. 
Hosted at Appleatchee Riders in Wenatchee, WA.

Show updates will be sent to all participants from our farm text number: (206) 202-8488

If you’d like, you can put this number in your phone as Grateful Pine Farm. You may reply to texts from this number and it will go directly to the show manager, but there is no caller ID so you must include your name in your message so that I know who you are. This is only a text number and can not accept calls. If you need to get in touch with someone more quickly at the show, call the show secretary Heidi Howard (206) 683-7399.

Show Manager


Show Secretary

Name: Kelly Munro

(425) 681-2460

Appleatche Riders Office

(509) 663-3175

Name: Heidi Howard

(206) 683-7399


Nicole Chastain-Price

Technical Delegate

Mary Duffy

Safety Coordinator

Kelly Munro





Competition Requirements

This show will be conducted and judged in accordance with the United States Rules for Working Equitation, Revision 6, dated 1 January 2023. The rules can be found at the following site: It is the competitor’s responsibility to read and understand the rules prior to the competition.

All competitors holding a membership with USAWE may compete. Non-members are allowed to compete in B-rated shows for a $20 non-member fee. Non-members can use a one-time voucher in place of the non-member fee.

Apply for the voucher online at:

Competitors interested in being eligible for lifetime medal awards and year-end awards must be USAWE members.

Membership application:

All competing horses must be recorded with USAWE in advance of the show. A one-time fee of $20 per horse includes lifetime performance tracking.

Horse recording form:

A single horse and rider team is allowed to show in only one level. A horse may be entered twice in a competition if ridden by two different riders and in different levels. Exception: Two youth can share the same horse if competing in Level 1.See Rulebook, Section 1.8.

Riders must be correctly attired and horses properly presented in accordance with the U.S. Rules for Working Equitation. Show Management may, at its discretion, bar any person or horse from entering the arena if not suitably presented.

‌SCHOOLING CLASS PARTICIPANTS: All USAWE rules and regulations must be followed as if in a licensed show. Attire should be appropriate and safe. Only allowed tack may be used as per USAWE rules.

Class List for Licensed Shows Only*


Rider Division(s)


L1 – Introductory

Youth, Amateur,

Open, Schooling Show*


Ease of


L2 – Novice A

Youth, Amateur,

Open, Schooling Show*


Ease of




L3 – Novice B




Ease of




L4 – Intermediate A




Ease of




L5 – Intermediate B

Amateur, Open


Ease of




L6 – Advanced



Ease of




L7 – Masters



Ease of




*Schooling show classes offered for L1 and L2 only, no cross entry with licensed classes. Only one schooling show is offered, whereas the licensed shows have two separate shows over the weekend. No USAWE membership requirements for schooling show participants.

Points will be recorded with USAWE. Classes will be placed and ribbons awarded by Level. Rider divisions will be used for USAWE points and Special Awards, if possible.

  • The order of go for each trial will be posted no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the trial.
  • Course maps for EOH and Speed will be posted no later than 2 hours prior to the start of each trial.

Entry Procedures

  • A separate entry form must be completed for each horse-rider combination. The entry form is e-sign and must be completed online.
  • An entry form is not valid unless it is fully completed and has all the proper signatures, membership numbers, and horse information. An adult must sign for any junior rider.
  • ‌Do not print and mail the entry form, only the official e-sign form will be accepted.
  • Entries received after the closing date will be assessed a $25 late fee. Entries will only be accepted after the closing date if the show is not full. Entries will close when the show fills, even if that is prior to the closing date.
  • Youth exhibitors must be 17 or under at any time during the current year. Youth exhibitors must indicate their date of birth on the entry form.
  • Photocopy of a negative Coggins test, dated within one year of the end of the show, if required by state laws for horses traveling across state lines, should accompany the horse.

Show Fees



Entry Fee - USA WE Licensed Show 

per horse/rider combo, three phases L2 and above, two phases for L1 (no speed)

L2-L7: $200 one show, $350 both shows

L1: $150 one show, $250 both shows

Schooling Show (L1/L2 one show only ): $100

Office Fee (required for all participants)


Stabling Fee 

Includes stall Friday-Sunday and 1 bag of shavings.


Additional Fees

Sunday Night Stall - $30

Extra Shavings - $10/bag (preorder), $12/bag at the show

RV Camping - $30/night

Dry Camping - $10/night

Tack Stall - $125 for the weekend

Non-Member Fee

unless using voucher


Cattle Trial Upgrade (Sunday)

Per horse/rider combo for both trials.


Payment Policy

  • Payment can be made securely online via the entry form.
  • No refunds after the closing date unless due to a true medical emergency, such as a confirmed COVID exposure, horse disease exposure, or lameness. Until the closing date, refunds will be made on entries minus the merchant processing and office fees. Refunds will only be granted if the show is able to recoup the costs and a partial refund may be given rather than a full refund.
  • No entry may show unless it is paid in full.


Rosette ribbons through third place for overall placings in all divisions. Individual phase ribbons through 8th place.

Schooling Show: Overall ribbons through 5th place.

Botanical or edible prizes as available!

Special awards, prizes, and honorable mentions at the judge and show discretion.

Venue and Arena Details

Appleatchee Riders Association

1130 Circle Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801   (509) 663-3175

Area Resources and Grounds Rules:


All Show Classes will be held in the Roping Arena

150' x 268'  outdoors, lighted, footing groomed daily. No access for schooling or warm-up.

‌Warm-up will be in the Middle Arena, directly above the Roping Arena

121' x 227'  located directly above the Roping Arena. Available for use Friday - Sunday.*

*Please note, per USAWE rules, during show hours “The paddock (warm-up arena) is an area designated as a warm-up zone in which riders prepare their horses before entering the arena and in which riders who have competed in a trial can cool down and/or relax their horses.

Competitors not on horseback are forbidden from remaining in the Paddock. The temporary or extended presence of any persons inside the paddock other than the competitors, trainers, or handlers of the horses being prepared, is also forbidden.”

Therefore, ‌only those who are warming up or cooling down for their ride should be in the Middle Arena, the warm-up arena, with the exception of any time Friday or after the last show rider of the day has completed their ride, at which times anyone may use the Middle Arena as they see fit.

Stabling Details

‌Stabling costs $125 and includes Thursday-Sunday. There is no ala carte stabling (eg Sat-Sun only), the rate is for the whole event because we reserve the block of stalls for the whole event. Extra night available for Monday departure at $30/horse. Appleatchee boarders who do not need stalls can enter with no stabling fee.

It is not required to clean or strip your stall upon departure. The venue will take care of it for you! Please note, this is different from our other show at the Washington State Horse Park, which requires stalls to be stripped on departure.

One bale of shavings will be included with your stall. Additional bales may be purchased on-site from the show secretary for $12/bale or pre-ordered on your entry form for $10/bale. It is permitted to bring your own bedding, but straw is not allowed.

Tack stalls are available for $125 and also include one bag of bedding that you can use for your horse's stall.

Camping is available on-site with power and water hookups for $30/night or dry camping for $10/night. Please make camping reservations on your entry form prior to arriving. There are no assigned spaces, but reservations are required.

Appleatchee Grounds Rules

Please note this selection of rules, which may apply to our show participants. Full club rules available at

ASTM certified helmets are recommended for all riders to be worn at all times while riding per requirement of our liability insurance company, The Travelers Insurance Company.

Speed limit is 10½ miles per hour for all vehicles.

Conduct unbecoming to ladies or gentlemen shall not be permitted on club grounds.

No smoking in indoor arena, barns or aisle areas*

*Additional Rule from Show Management: Clean Air Required! No Smoking on grounds, near arenas, stabling, or camping area within 200’ or smelling distance of others. 

No riding horses in barn aisle ways.

No dogs are allowed on grounds not under a leash and at no time will dogs be tied in barns, aisles, or arena areas.

Boots or riding shoes with ½ inch heels are required when riding in a saddle.

Children under 10 years of age must be supervised within direct vision of their parents/guardians at all times. No person under the age of 16 years shall be permitted on the grounds after dark, unless accompanied by an adult.

There shall be no intoxication or excessive abuse of liquors permitted on club grounds.

No horses are to be left unattended in the barn aisles.

Horses shall not run outside the arenas.

Horses shall not be permitted in landscaped areas.

No loose horses permitted on the grounds.

No person shall be permitted on the club grounds barefooted.

No open camp fires permitted on grounds.

All horses must be stalled overnight.

There is no scooter use of any kind, any bicycles, roller blades, skates or, skate boards on the grounds at any time.